These are a list of presentations the Office of Internal Audit have provided to various campus groups.  Please contact Deb Dahlke if your area would like a presenation on a topic not included.

PII - Identifying and Managing Risk

PII information must be protected and documented according to State Statues.  What can we do at UNL to fulfil our legal and administrative obligations?  This presentation will provide an overview of how to identify and manage risk associated with storing PII information on servers and workstations.  Tools and contact information will also be provided to assist in the identification, monitoring, and protecting of any PII that may reside on University servers and workstations.
This presentation was given on March 13, 2014 to the IT Leadership Committee.

Fraud Prevention

Presentation for BCUG - September 2013

Information Security

Everyone must try to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the University's information and systems. This presentation defines Information Security, how Information Security has changed in the last 10 years, identifies laws and policies surrounding Information Security, and ways you can aid in the Information Security effort.  Also included is information on Security Awareness training available at UNL.